A. 13 secret websites powered by AI that’ll get you massively ahead in 2023 and beyond (don’t loose them)

1. Transform your voice with Altered.ai

  1. This one is my favorite AI from this list.
  2. You can now transform your voice into any custom voice.

2. Storytelling is really important in life, business, relationships.

  1. There isn’t anyone you couldn’t learn to love once you heard their story.
  2. I have been using Tome and it’s pretty good for storytelling.

3. DoNotPay.com

Things you can do with donotpay

  1. Sue Anyone.
  2. Fight Corporations.
  3. Find Hidden Money.
  4. Automatically Cancel Your Free Trials.

And just countless different things.

4. ChatSonic AI

  1. It’s ChatGPT on steriods.
  2. ChatGPT answers are limited to 2021. That’s sucks.
  3. ChatSonic gives you relevant results from the web!

Here – writesonic.com/chat

5. Text to Video by Synthesia.io

  1. Create high quality videos in minutes just by typing…
  2. It gives you 120 languages + saves 80% of your time.

6. Brancher.ai

  1. You can now connect AI models to build powerful apps — without code.
  2. Build your own AI tools in minutes (it’s getting alarmingly easy now)

7. Eye contact with the camera.

  1. Connect eye to eye with this Nvidia AI
  2. Gives you great confidence with videos and zoom calls.


8. Detangle.ai by @Shpigford

  1. Summarize that legal document in human (non lawyer) language.
  2. Now you can easily understand any kind of legal documents.

9. Midjourney AI

Number 1 text to image AI( and my all time favorite tool ).

10. Scrape or monitor any website in 2 mins with no code Browse.ai

You can extract list of :

  1. Business
  2. Job posting
  3. Youtube videos
  4. Hotel prices or property, anything.

11. Runwayml.com is the next-generation content creation with AI.

With 30+ AI Magic Tools, real-time video editing, collaboration, and more…

12. Poised.com

  1. Poised is the AI-powered communication coach that helps you speak with confidence and clarity.
  2. Filler words, confidence, energy, empathy, and more.

13. Edit your photos with just text.

  1. Try Playgroundai.com/create
  2. Example by @Suhail : “Make it summer”