A. Here’s exactly how you can find low-competition long-tail keywords using ChatGPT.

Traditional keyword tools rarely surface these keywords, and this could give you a real competitive edge.

Start by giving it context on your site, then ask for a list of sub-niches

Usually, it doesn’t go too deep with the first prompt, so I recommend you ask it to expand it further.

But don’t stop here!

The next step is to take one of these categories and make it zoom in on it for content & keyword ideas.

ChatGPT Came up with a bunch of paintball game types I had no idea about, and most paintball sites do NOT cover.

To be thorough, I asked it to expand that list even more for more juicy long-tail ideas.

Next step is to connect this data back to reality.

  1. Remember, ChatGPT is a sandbox disconnected from the web.
  2. So I took some of its ideas and checked real-life data with Ahrefs.
  3. This allowed me to find keywords like “speedball paintball” where a DR 18 site gets good traffic.

It also allowed me to find the keyword woodsball paintball.

A DR 6 site has a page on “best paintball guns for woodswall” getting decent traffic.

So no, ChatGPT doesn’t completely replace keyword tools.

But it’s INCREDIBLE to come up with seed keywords you wouldn’t have thought about.