Reputation Marketing

1. What do you mean by online reputation ?

Customers talk and share information about your business on the internet. It could be good or bad. That is called online reputation.

2. How can I check my online reputation ?

Just google your business name reviews

Example: Prudential dental boston reviews

Review websites like: yelp, yellow pages, tripadivisor, insiderpages etc show up on google and people talk about their experience with your business. If you are unaware of bad reviews being spead on the internet, that could effect your business. Unfortunately a grumpy employee or a competitor could also submit such reviews against you. No one can control the internet, but there are ways to improve your online reputation.

prudential online reputation management reviews

3. How do you maintain a positive online reputation ?

By ensuring a volume of positive REAL reviews are being submitted to different review websites. No fake reviews will be submitted.

4. How do you do it? How do you get a volume of positive reviews ?

I set up an easy to use review template which will encourage customers to write a review. We will make sure real genuine reviews get submitted. There are guidlines for review submissions.