A. What Is Search Intent in #SEO? How To Optimize For It?

Before creating content, Knowing the Search intent is very important for a particular query. Satisfying user search Intent should be your number one ultimate goal. So, let me describe you clearly.

Search Intent, User Intent, or Audience Intent are the same things. Basically, the search intent is to know what is in the user’s mind behind the particular query. We need to know the purpose of the user query to produce better content and satisfy users.

From the below image, In between user queries and Content, you need to understand the search Intent of the query. So, on the basis of those queries and by understanding user intent for that query, you need to make content to satisfy the user query.

1. Query, Keyword & Search Intent are three different things

  1. A Query is used by searchers or users to find the content
  2. Keywords are used and related to Marketers or SEO Persons
  3. Search Intent is related to users as well as marketers to find the user’s purpose behind the query

So, to satisfy the user search intent, you need to provide proper quality content with both length and Depth in the content. Length & depth refer to the long form of content that should cover every perspective of the user intent behind the query.

2. Types of Search Intent

  1. Informational Intent
  2. Commercial Intent
  3. Navigational Intent
  4. Transactional Intent

a. Information Intent:

Here, the user intent will be to find information about a particular topic.

Ex: what, how, who, why, where, learn, guide, tips, how-to, etc.

b. Commercial Intent:

Here, the user intent will be to investigate the product/service which is already aware of.

Ex: best, top, compare, review, etc.

c. Navigational Intent:

Here, the User Intent will be to navigate to a particular page or website.

Ex: product name, brand name, name of service, specific website, login page, etc.

d. Transactional Intent:

Here, the user’s Intent will be to buy something or to take an action.

Ex: buy, purchase, cheap, quote, deals, coupons, discounts, order, etc

Note: Your ultimate goal should be to satisfy search Intent, and Google loves it and will rank your page.